Ideas in Shape

If, on the one hand, the taste for cooking attracts more and more adepts, on the other, the pace of modern societies deprives us of the time to do so. Hence the interest in making easy, tasty and healthy dishes. “Shape Ideas” comes as a response to this challenge, because in a modern kitchen, aluminum packaging is part of the solution.

Plan your meals weekly, make the food in its own packaging or distribute it in doses, in various formats that Lusoforma offers and freeze. Later, just remove from the freezer, take the aluminum case directly to the microwave / oven and, without further complications, enjoy a family dinner.

Happy cooking!

Almond Delicacies
Yoghurt cake
Strawberry pie
Brisas do Liz
Mango mousse
Chipmix Ice Cream
Pineapple Bavaroise
Mediterranean quiche
Two cabbage salad
Green asparagus and mushrooms risotto
Cod with Creams and Coriander
Hake souffle with spinach
Sea Pudding
Hake on bed of spinach
Summer eggs
Salmon in baking paper
Pork loin stuffed with farinheira
Minced meat roll with boiled egg
Meat muffins
Pork tenderloin with puff pastry
Chicken steaks with bacon and almonds
Beef patties
Ham and pineapple pizza
Pasta with chicken and asparagus
Tuna pie
Chinese pasta with courgette and bacon
Summer pasta
Black pasta with salmon, artichoke hearts and cream
Mushrooms with lemon and coriander
Filo pastry bundles
Artichoke hearts with bacon and chèvre cheese
Green asparagus with ham and mozzarella
Pea cream
Pea cream