Mission, Vision and Values

Lusoforma mission is to satisfy the needs of its customers through a performance that thrives for excellence, conducive to the achievement of those who work there and ensure their own profitability and development, seeking to continuously improve its operation.

For more than 40 years in the national market, Lusoforma is a leader in the packaging sector and your reliable partner.

  • A 100% Portuguese company

  • Vast experience in the packaging sector

  • Certified Quality Management System

  • Strong R&D presence

  • Own development capacity

  • Personalised service

  • Speedy delivery

  • Specialised team

  • Sustainable growth strategy

  • Socially responsible company


Lusoforma, leader in the production and commercialisation of disposable aluminium packaging, owes its origins to Aluforma which was founded in 1976. With an acquired know-how of over three decades of experience, it develops its activity in various market sectors, namely: cash & carries, food industry, patisseries/bakeries, catering and take away industries as well as ensuring a diverse offer available in various stores and supermarket chains.

The distinction awarded in 2021 to Lusoforma for the twelfth consecutive year aims to signal small and medium-sized companies with superior performance profiles.

They are companies that have achieved high economic-financial and management performance and have managed to remain competitive in a demanding economic environment, with growth and consolidation of results.

Lusoforma belongs to the PME Líder universe, companies with superior performance profiles, which for their growth strategies are important levers of the economic development of the Country. The selection of PME Excellence is made annually from the universe of PME Líder, creating an instrument of increased visibility for the group of companies that in each year stands out for the best results.

Innovation and Certifications

To ensure an effective response to new market challenges, Lusoforma develops its own machinery to secure packaging solutions tailored to suit the needs of each client.

Lusoforma offers a diversity of models that adapt to the most demanding uses:

  • The aluminium packaging is totally safe from a hygienic point of view since aluminium is 100% impermeable, ie. it does not absorb humidity, oxygen or fat and does not favour the development of bacteria.

  • They are the only packingings which can withstand extreme temperatures. Aluminium can go from the freezer to the oven and then be used to serve at table – saving time in meal preparation. They are an excellent solution “from the freezer to the table”.

  • Aluminium packaging may be used in microwave ovens! In fact, the food heats up faster and uniformly in aluminium packaging whilst maintaining its original texture and flavour.

  • It is resistant due to its rigidity and does not lose its shape whilst cooking. Also, aluminium packaging preserves better the food flavour.

Strongly betting on the quality of the produced packaging, speed of the delivery service and a continuous effort in R&D, Lusoforma is since 2003 a ISO 9001 certified company.

Lusoforma complies with most demanding food safety standards for its products and is a IFS HPC company since 2016. This certification attests the high standards of product safety that guides Lusoforma’s performance in the Food Sector.